10 Unknown Secrets of Katrina Kaif That You Might Don’t Know

By | Feb 18, 2014

Actress Katrina Kaif Secrets pop outActress Katrina Kaif known to be the baby doll of Bollywood is the most searched actress too. She with her charm and beauty can attract anyone at her single glance. Her beauty simply explore when she is on the ramp either in bikini or in saree. She is the British beauty who became the heart of Indian Bollywood. Many people call her beautiful but in actual sense the beauty is identified by Katrina. Now she is of 29 years but still her beauty seems to be equivalent to the girl bloom in the age of 16 years. Today, she is a threat to competitive actress who are equivalent working in the same race. Today, we are going to bring forth few of the amazing facts related to Katrina kaif. Here are few of the amazing facts mentioned below.

Fact 1: She entered this dynasty of glamour as a modeller when she was just a teenager and this was just a deal of destiny that she needed to fallow. Her first modelling assignment was for a jewellery shop.

Fact 2: She was born in Hong Kong and was brought by her mother who is presently an NGO worker and was British who belonged to Caucasian. Beside this, her father belonged to India and was the Kashmiri guy. They gave birth to 8 children amongst which Katrina is one of them.

Fact 3: She is too much conscious about her attire and love the black dress that she wore in the movie “NewYork”. She likes to make purchase of her clothes mostly online. She mostly prefers jeans of “boyfriend jeans” manufactured from London. She mostly causal looks so she loves to try out track pant with tee shirt and even sometime goes with vest and jeans roaming about here and there.

Fact 4: During her struggle time, she used to work for at least 4 hours a day. And some time in case of urgent assignment she even worked for near about 16 hours a day. Her struggle time was too much difficult as she always visited the ad agencies by taking up a taxi so that she could meet the company recruitment department and personally hand over her portfolio.

Fact 5: The girl who is known to the Barbie doll is also assumed as the best actress to suit political role in Bollywood. With the vanishing effect of her debut movie “Boom” her career instead of lifting went into darkness. She even tried out in Telegu movie but wasn’t successful. But with creation of “Namastey London” she won the heart of people all around the world.

Fact 6: If we talk about her workout than we will get to know that she starts her day early in morning by waking up at 6 am and consuming 4 glasses of water every day. Inspite of waking up waking up earlier, she let her cell phone to remain switched off for few more hours so that could be able to perform her regular exercise such as swimming and yoga.

Fact 7: Actress Katrina Kaif diet plan includes healthy and simple foods such as curd and rice and she like to have black coffee as her much-loved cocktail. But, she loves the most cereals along with the white sushi.

Fact 8: She is beyond caste rigidity and therefore visits Sidhivinayak Temple of Hindus, Mount Mary Church of Christian and Ajmer Sharif Dargah of Muslim on the release date of her movies to pary for the success of her rolling movie.

Fact 9: She received her commercial popularity with 2005 Lakme India Fashion Week, 2008  secured 1st position in FHM India’s 100 Sexiest Women World Poll and received 2009 Rajiv Gandhi Award to enhance her career one step more.

Fact 10: The pageant beauty for her recent upcoming movie “Dhoom 3” had dedicated herself for 5 hours workout and to learn the tricks of paragliding and singing.

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