Alia Bhat Diet and Workout Plan

By | Jun 3, 2014

Alia Bhatt is one of the beautiful and new faces in Bollywood industry who have been identified with great acting talent and awesome figure. This style diva is often interrogated by film journalists that a midst her hectic workload how she can manage her beautiful figure and flawless beauty. Her chemistry with Varun Dhawan really impress among viewers. Alia has answered them on and on that her diet and fitness regimen are the two secrets behind her glamour and irresistible stardom. We have eavesdropped around her and has cherry picked her diet and workout secret for you.

Alia Bhat diet plan

Alia Bhatt believes in healthy eating and portion control for controlling her calorie intake.She has confessed that she loves tasty tangy foods but consciously she remains away from junk foods.

Beautiful Aliya Bhat diet

i) She loves to include boiled veggies in her diet as well as she loves less oily and less spicy foods because she considers these heavy foods hindrance to her glowing skin.

ii) Her entire diet plan is based on nutritious foods but these have to be low calorie.

iii) Alia loves Indian foods, especially she has soft nose for south Indian foods. Besides, she is fascinated about sweet dishes but somehow she restricts herself form talking these sweet options at regular basis because of her portion control issue for dieting.

iv) Alia includes plenty of high protein foods in her diet although she is never in favour of eating any type of red meat. She hardly drinks tea and coffee like beverages which have a dose of caffeine in it. Instead she often sips in unsweetened herbal tea that supplies her loads of antioxidants and keeps her digestive system toxin free.

v) She drinks water liberally and considers water as the most preferred natural drink for keeping toxins out of her body by flushing.

Alia Bhatt Workout Routine

Alia is double conscious about her figure and she banks on exercise as the best and simple most way to maintain her sleek and slender figure. She visits her gym almost regularly.

Beautiful Alia Bhatt workout

i) She is especially keen on cardio outputs; she practices different high activity oriented exercises like swimming, cycling, and running are her favorite sports activities.

ii) Alia loves practicing yoga and she sincerely believes that regular practice of yoga keeps her look lovely and beautiful because she always remains stress less. Regular practice of yoga offers her excellent endurance and big stamina level.

iii) Alia practices different types of dancing including ballet. However all her workouts are planned by her personal coach and she religiously follows these rules in order to remain in great shape with great level of energy.

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