Amanda Seyfried Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | May 29, 2014

Amanda Seyfried is one of the busiest celebrities in Hollywood these days who has much to do in three streams of demanding professions. She is not only known for her acting prowess, she can sing lovely, and above all she can write amazing song by herself. While her qualities are stunning to evoke awe and reverence about her talent, her awesome figure makes most of us simply green eyed out of jealousy.

Now it is indeed atalked about issue that amidst her super-busy schedule, how she can maintain such a good figure!!Let’s read here what Amanda says about her fitness management. You can also check out Amanda Seyfried wallpapers here and find out how beautiful she looks with her proper diet and workout plan.

Amanda Seyfried diet plan

Amanda is a first rated celebrity but she loves to lead a simple life. Her simplicity is the X factor that keeps her ahead of all the curves.

Amanda Seyfried secret diet plan

i) Amanda takes simple and homemade foods that are a great combo of lean protein, healthy carbohydrates, and natural fiver enriched foods. She consumes lots of water and fruit juices but at the same time she avoids all sorts of synthetic sugar.

ii) Amanda never skips her meals and she takes 5-6 small meals around the whole day. Her diet chart is planned by her personal coach and it is done after proper evaluation of her health. She keeps on checking her health in every 1-2 month interval.

iii) She loves to take raw fruits however, she loves eating whole grain foods too.

iv) Amanda is a conscious dieter and she believes that healthy food habit is the secret of her awesome figure. She never indulges junk food but once in a blue moon she indulges her taste buds to keep herself happy. Fatless Pizza is her favorite but she controls portions while indulging her food fiesta.

Amanda Seyfried workout plan

Amanda is not a gym freak but she knows that her awesome figure is one of the reasons behind her popularity. She practices exercise daily for 45 min to one hour. She combines her exercise in different ways like she practices cardio exercises for burning her extra calories.

Actress Amanda Seyfried morning walk with her dog

i) Amanda often loves doing cycling. This cardio exercised helps in burning calorie as well as keeps her feeling happy because of its dynamics. She also practices running and sometimes indulges rope jumping.

ii) Occasionally she practices yoga too. This natural therapeutic exercise keeps her cool and calm and also helps her in enjoying best level of concentration.

iii) The diet and workout plan of Amanda Seyfried is based on sincerity and perfect balance. Like her professional career she enjoys every moment of her life and that is her secret of beauty and extra ordinary attraction.One extra tips, she takes adequate rest.

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