Anita Sarkeesian

By | Jan 22, 2016

Anita Sarkeesian is a Canadian-American blogger, media critic and public speaker. She is famous for her feminist activism which she has thrived so much to popularize and then achieve freedom for sexism of women folks. She is the founder Feminist Frequency, a website that is dedicated to fighting for women course. She has also condemned the sexism in many video games, where a male character will be required to come to the rescue of a female character that is in distress.  



Birthday Date :- 1983

Age in 2017 year :- 33

Shoe Size :-

Real Height :- 5.4 feet  / 1.64 m (approx)

Real Weight :-

True Measurement :- 32-26-36

Original Bra Size :- 32D

Boyfriend :-

Origin :- American

Sarkeesian? The name does not sound like a typical Canadian or American name, does it? Well, her parents are Armenian that migrated to Canada where she was given birth to and she later moved to America where she currently stays. This lady, who is in her early 30s, obtained a Bachelor of Art in Communication Studies from California State University and Master’s degree in Social and Political Thoughts from York University. There is no information on the dating history of Anita Sarkeesia and we cannot say anything on whom    she is dating or dated in the past. Likewise, we have no information on her sexuality; hence, she may be straight or gay.

Famous Canadian-American media Critic Anita Sarkeesian

Famous Canadian-American media Critic Anita Sarkeesian


  • Anita has received lots of death threat and bomb scares from many antagonists due to her active feminism. Her blog has been hacked with her personal information leaked to the public in a bid to frighten her.
  • She has received many honors and awards for her activism; these include Cosmopolitan’s 50 Most Fascinating People on the Internet (2015).
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2 thoughts on “Anita Sarkeesian

  1. Natalie

    She could not move from Canada to “America”. America is the large piece of chunky continent. The Country you mean is called “USA”. Please rectify that little slip of thought.

    Also Facts:
    She receives most of her criticism for her superficious and cherry-picked research that is more often than not easily debunked. Thus, criticism directed at her is less because “She is a feminist”, but more because she is disingenous about her work, it’s quality, it’s quantity, it’s needed funding, and thus gives even “Feminism” a bad name in the long run.

  2. Stefan

    Where did you get her measurements? I imagine it’s not something she would post somewhere.


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