Anushka Sharma Plastic Surgery

By | May 8, 2014

Well, a beautiful face and a sexy body can get you loads of favours in the movie world, and for the actresses a couch can play a mediator’s role and Anushka Sharma is on the race. Hence trying to look beautiful is the birth right of the actresses nobody can dare to take it away. But for those who are blessed with god-gifted beautiful face, why the heck would they want to go under the knife? The chances are they may end up getting more than they bargained for. Instances of plastic surgeries gone terribly wrong are not occurrences in Mars, though it may seem so in ‘Total Recall’, but it is a fact of earth.

Before and After look of Anushka Sharma

Beautiful Anushka Sharma Before and After the Plastic Surgery

Where Did It Go Wrong

Owing to her talent and beauty Anushka Sharma got the favour from Yashraj Films banner, and they roped her for three movies which got her the celeb status she must have craved for. It seems she knows the importance of staying in headlines, and has special knack to grab headlines even when she is breaking twigs. Once she walked in the popular TV show ‘Koffee with Karan’, and hell broke loose. Not only did she earn the infamous remark ‘Joker Lips’ which got stuck, it became a teaser for her, for she gave the joke weavers something new to chew. To be honest the remark does sound bang on the nail, for the lip curves did actually look funny.

Did Anushka Succumb

Well of course Anushka would never deliberately want to have those ‘Joker Lips’, but isn’t there something called plastic surgeries gone wrong. Could Anushka be a victim of one such mishap? Ask her, and no will come the infuriated reply, for this is what she has been vehemently doing ever since, thanks to her ‘Koffee with Karan’. Though her host is all in her favour, and insists she has talent to survive. Even if this may be a smear campaign against a bubbly talented actress, but Anushka has admitted her lips are having a new appearance. They are not the product of plastic surgery gone wrong, but a work of lip enhancement tool and special makeup, she claims. She further adds she took the pains for her new venture Bombay Velvet. Well that sounds okay, this diehard professionalism of hers’ can take her distances, just hope her role is more than Guy Fawkes mask of ‘V for Vendetta’. However it's also the fact that Anushka Sharma do take care of her health properly and follow strict workout plan. Well if Anushka is not in an admitting mood, its fine. And even if it is makeup and temporary lip enhancement, hope she knows how to get her sensual lips back.

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