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By | Oct 25, 2014

Hip-Hop and rap is an art form not a lot of people understand and even less respect the form of music, but it is the storytelling in this form of music that puts it in the leagues of some of the greatest types of music ever, and in and among the greats is the one and only Busta Rhymes who is considered the prodigal son of this art form.Born Trevor Tahiem Smith, Jr. the artist we now know as Busta Rhymes has seen the highs and lows through his career  and has stood by with passion unlike most which has earned him a net worth of $67 Million. Moving forward, lets check some in-depth details of Busta Rhmes below.

Trevor Tahiem Smith Jr known as Busta Rhymes - Rapper

Busta Rhymes Estimated Net Worth - $67 Million 

Original name: Trevor Tahiem Smith Jr.

Stage Name: Busta Rhymes

Height: 6.1 feet / 1.85 m

Girlfriend:  Busta has been dated from Eden Harel, Chandra Davis to Karrine Steffans

Profession: Rapper

Dominating the charts for nearly two decades Busta Rhymes has become the name that defines hip-hop for most people, he has influenced millions like us through his music and the character he puts into his music. Busta Couples his awesome music with his iconic style and personality giving you a treat you cannot ignore that's why millions of fans go to his concerts which has now made him one of the richest rappers in history.


Busta has been known for his wild side which extends to a wacky dressing sense right from his younger days, he would match clothes to look different and started developing a hip-hop persona early on, as his intricate and fast paced rapping began to get him recognised.  The name Busta Rhymes was given to him by "public enemy" band member ‘Chuck D’ in the year 1991 at the start of his career When he was younger Busta studied along side DMX, the late Great Notorious BIG and even Jay-Z in high school which is one heck of a coincidence. Busta was recruited part of the Hip hop crew from New York named Leaders of the New School. Busta stood out while performing and was praised as the real deal of the group which eventually caused the group to break and start the career of the great Busta Rhymes

Sources of Income

Busta started earning millions only once he started his solo career in 1996 reportedly earning $3 Million from his first two studio albums alone, today nine studio albums later and with a 10th on the way his influence on music is as strong as ever. He pulls in nearly 2 million every year at least but that has not stopped the case of scandals in his life.

From Making Movies to Spending Money

Busta has been part of some pretty big movies either through his skill as an actor or through his awesome voice acting and he is also a big spender as he loves to splurge on his cars like his 2009 Pistachio green Lamborghini which is still not the most expensive car in his possession as he is the owner of several other sports and luxury cars even a modern Rolls Royce Phantom which starts at a price tag of $250,000. Busta Rhymes is no stranger to the jet set life and his lifestyle is nothing less than that of a king.

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