Charlize Theron Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | Jun 9, 2014

Charlize Theron is not only known for her awesome talent, she looks good and she has an attractive personality. The combo of these three qualities has created an irresistible sensation about her off screen and on-screen presence worldwide.' As an added attraction, her metamorphosis from her little bulgy body to today’s slim and slender figure has ignited a mass curiosity about her diet and work out planning.

You can also check latest wallpapers of Charlize Theron which was posted few week back. Let’s check here what she has disclosed here about her diet and exercise routine that has given her this amazing result of makeover.

Charlize Theron diet plan

Charlize is a disciplined and organized person and she loves to follow a specific diet planning. Howver, she hardly experiments with her diet planning and routine. She has some preferences and she sticks to them.

Healthy actress Charlize Theron diet plan

i) She prefers mostly a unique balancing diet made of lean protein and healthy veg items. Large portion of her diet plan includes low-fat dairy products. Not only she loves milk and milk made products, she considers dairy products as rich source of nutrients that keeps her fit and at the same time keeps her digestive system toxin-free and super active.

ii) She takes small meals in order to keep her BMR rate always at par. It helps her in keeping her energy level up and that is a secret for quick fat burning that keeps her figure sleek and slender.

iii) Charlize has some strict prohibitions in her diet plan. She never takes junk foods and never indulges her craving for fried or saucy foods like burger, pizzas, or spicy chicken preparations. Instead, she prefers eating fruits. The rich natural fiber portion of fruits keeps her hunger pang away, and helps her in keeping her calorie intake under control.

iv) She often takes salad in her meal and includes some whole grain foods like brown rice, brown bread. In this way she fulfills her requirement for healthy carbohydrate foods. She takes dinner early because she knows adequate rest will help her to enjoy best result form her meticulous diet planning.

Charlize Theron workout plan

Charlize’s workout plan is nothing unique but she believes in maintaining consistency. She practices yoga at regular basis because she feels relaxed while practicing yoga.

Beautiful actress Charlize Theron workout routine

i) She often attends gyms and she has preference for practicing Pilates; however, she does her workout session under the monitoring of her professional trainer.

ii) Besides practicing some cardio exercises she also loves dancing. Her love and passion for dance helps her to practice this aerobics for long which is a great support for her physical endurance and muscular strength.

iii) Right life style, happy go mood, healthy diet, and adequate rest are the 4 pillars of success and secret of beauty of Charlize Theron.

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