Dave Batista

By | May 29, 2014

45 years old strong man Dave Batista is a big name in wrestler world, he is best professional wrestler, who has won world wrestling championship crown number of time. He is also known as a great bodybuilder and an American actor appeared in several movies like: Relative strangers, Wrong side to Town, House of the Rising Sun, Guardians of the Galaxy and more.

WWE champian Dave Batista Profile Details

Dave Batista Body Statistics

Birthday Date :- January 18, 1969

Dave Batista Age in 2017 year :- 48

Shoe Size :- 13

Dave Batista Real Height :- 6 feet 6 inch or 1.98 m

Real Weight :- 130 kg or 287 lb

Wife name :- Dave firstly marrry to Angie however divorced in 2005 and now married with Glenda Bautista.

Origin :- American


Washington born most popular wrestler Batista basically belongs to middle class family background, as per Batista he has handled difficulties during his childhood however his parents made him such a way wherein he can survive by his hard working attitude, at the early age he showed interest towards body bodybuilding, before appearing in ring as a unbeatable wrestler he used to work as a life guard and bouncer in local clubs.

Career in wrestling

In the year of 2000 he gone through tedious training in Ohio Valley,  and after winning few fights he soon became a winner of Ohio valley wrestling championship. In the year of 2002 he made his debut in WWE and fought against Faarooq and Randy, by his techniques and heavy personality he became unbeatable, after this fight barista joined professional wrestling TV programme RAW and got his name there as Dave Batista and he fought with popular wrestler Armageddon and defeated him, after winning number of fights against strong and experienced wrestler, in the year of 2005 he became a winner of “world Heavyweight Championship” by defeating Triple H thereafter he won the title of Smack Down, in fought with popular wrestler Under taker and lost the title in Wrestle Mania 23. In the year of 2007 he defeated Great Khalli and earned the title once again. In the year of 2008 he fought under RAW and snatched World Heavyweight championship from Smack Down. He defeated popular heavy weight champion Jericho for his fourth World Heavyweight Championship, in the year of 2010 he lost the WWE championship in wrestle mania, same year he got injured and left WWE, in the Year of 2014 he returned and won 2014 Wrestle mania .

What’s the Name of Batista’s girl friend?

Great wrestler Batista met women named Glenda , couple married in the year of 1990, they have two daughters, their relationship could not sustained and end up with divorce, in the year of 1998 he married to Angie, after 8 years they divorced.

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