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By | Jan 12, 2016

She is a residence of Los Angeles who was born in Florida State at the area of Orlando on the 30th July 1972. Her name was blended name from her parents’ names. She has a sister who is an opera singer known as DeOnzell. She made a name for herself and she was very popular. She went to the University of Florida where she graduated with a bachelor degree in fine arts music theatre specialization. There she learnet a lots of things and made herself ready for the big leap, she become very popular.

GloZell Green 


Original Name :- GloZell Lyneette Simon

Birthday Date :-July 30, 1972

Age in 2017 year :-45

Shoe Size :-

GloZell Green Real Height :-5.84 feet / 1.78 m

GloZell Green Real Weight :- 68 kg

GloZell GreenTrue Measurements :-36-28-35

Original Bra Size :- 36C

GloZell Green Net Worth :- $500 K

GloZell Green Husband Name :- Kevin "S.K." Simon


She is an internet personality, who specialized with comedy shows, her show called the Guardian went viral and the video and the beat. Her skills are very good and she has made a name for heself and she has done lots of research on this.

Youtube Career

After pursuing her career she later moved to California where she attended 600 consequent taping of The tonight show with jay leno, she is a YouTube personality, her first posting to go viral was the My push up bra will help me get a man, she is also known for her music translation of various popular song, she was also involved in the cinnamon challenge. There are lots people who were good with things to her and she got lots of opportunity in theater also to start with and she went on to become a star from that time and there was no looking back.

Dating experience

She lives with her manager and husband Kevin SK

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