Hannah Hart

By | Jan 12, 2016

Hannah Hart was born in the state of California at Burlingame. She is now a residence in Los Angeles. She was born on 2nd November 1986. At her early age, she was nicknamed as Hart. She is the second daughter of Hart with an older sister called Naomi and a younger sister known as Maggie. She was very popular and was liked by everyone at home. There are lots of people who are really good with her and that gave her lots of support and that was a major boost to her when she was young. She went to high school in America after which she went to japan for a while she later joined UC Berkeley in the United States. This was a very important thing and there she learned lots of things.

Hannah Hart


Birthday Date :-November 2, 1986

Age in 2017 year :-30

Shoe Size :-

Hannah Hart Real Height :-5’4”

Hannah HartReal Weight :- 52 kg

Hannah Hart True Measurements :-

Original Bra Size :-

Hannah Hart Net Worth :- $2 Million

Hannah Hart Boyfriend Name :- Ingrid Nilsen.


She is well known for her comedy type of acting. She is an internet personality ho has come up with several comedy shows. Among many appearance she has appeared in the My drunk kitchen, hello her to a touring show, no filter camp Dakota, parody cookbook and dirty thirty


She is well known for her YouTube series of My drunk kitchen show, she has also acted with her best friends grace Helbig and married hart in the comedy show known as no relation at the Nerdmelt, Los Angeles.

Dating experience

She is an open living lesbian and in September 2015, she was dating Ingrid Neilsen, she is her fellow You tube personality.

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