Jessica Raine current boyfriend and dating details

By | Mar 12, 2014

The wild young temptress, Jessica Raine is a famous and graceful actress of Hollywood. She crept into this dynasty with full confidence and pleasure to win the whole world. Her love life is simply unbelievable as the man who captured her mind and heart is married person.

Actress Jessica Raine boyfriend name

Jessica Raine boyfriend name

The man who became her heart beats is none other than Tom Goodman-Hill, the present till date husband of Miss Kerry Bradley. Since, she was the person to enter the life of beautiful couples Tom and Kerry so she fetched the till of Midwife Star. They had fallen in love when tom worked as a co-star in a stage play with Jessica. Due to their effort this drama was considered to be superhit show.

British Actor Tom Goodman-Hill - the boyfriend of Jessica Raine

What distraction this love story would result to?

As per friends and relatives it was informed that they were leading a happily life before the time he met Jessica playing a lead role in the stage play. But, this meeting would change the situation no one would have ever imagine that the lovable couple would break out and the Tom would walk out leaving behind his two sweetheart teenage children. The marriage resulted in dismay when Tom in the 40th birthday event of Kerry announced that the marriage was over. Before he has done lots of surprising plans of the event and no one ever thought that relationship would end like scrap.

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