John Cena Workout Routine and Diet Chart

By | May 12, 2014

John Cena has amazing muscular body that attracts both awe and envy. However the proverb “morning shows the day” is not applicable for him as he was not at all healthy and strong in his early adulthood days. Post his school days he started workout in gym and he started building his muscles. At his age of 18, he took part in a show that was related to bodybuilding. He got name and fame from that event and that paved his way for becoming a professional bodybuilder and wrestler with WWE. And today he is a well known name across the world, you can also check how rich is John Cena in real life.

Presently, those have keenness for building a muscular body, they will be delighted in knowing that religious following workouts and customized diet plan. Let’s check what his diet plan and workout plan is. John Cena Diet Chart

Famous WWE wrestler John Cena having food as per diet chart

John Cena plans his diet quite meticulously. His diet is a complete and healthy combo of vitamins, minerals, healthy proteins, and natural fibers, which helps him in developing great immunity and perfect shape of body.

  1. Cena prefers taking different types cereal foods, veggies, and rich fiber based fruits; consumption of these foods keeps him healthy and physically at peak of his performance.
  2. Cena has divided her meal planning in 5 main courses like breakfast, lunch dinner, and two intermediate big meals after and before his extensive workout session.
  3. Cena trusts intake of healthy food for his calorie intake: he eats brown rice and pasta in carb foods and chicken and fish as the lean protein category.
  4. In addition tom it he consumes eggs, egg’s whites, cottage cheese, ripe bananas, and whole grain foods, and different types of fresh salads.
  5. During his workout session, Cena often sips protein shakes: this nutritious drink keeps him energized always.

John Cena workout Plan

Popular John Cena Workout

  1. John Cena has a prefixed work out plan that is different for all 5 days in a weak. He does it so that entire his body gets equally developed. For rest two days he does swimming, jogging, and other exercises.
  2. He practices quite extensive and rigorous exercise in a modern gym under his personal coach Robert Maclntyre, which is compatible for senior wrestlers and professional body builders only.
  3. Cena performs strength training exercises for two reasons: one is for his muscle development and the second objective is to develop resistance against unexpected injury and shock.
  4. Cena takes care of his entire body and therefore works rigorously for proper development of shoulder, back, abs, chest, and arms under his personal trainer and with the help of best and latest exercise tools.
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