Kate Upton Diet and Workout Plan to Stay Healthy

By | Aug 18, 2017

Check out Kate Upton secret diet and workout plan that she follow to stay healthy and fit. She take no-sugar in her menu and go gym for 5 days a week. Kate Upton is a super popular model and also an actress who is known worldwide for her modelling and acting. It is an open secret that this beautiful model is a fitness freak and she works under her personal mentor Justin Gelband. Justin is the mastermind behind Kate’s  diet chart and the entire workout planning, which has become extremely successful for kate for attaining her great figure and awesome fitness along with her amazing beauty. The uniqueness of her diet plan is it is all natural and does not have any restrictions so far in terms of consumption. However, the diet tags some foods as good and some foods as bad/unhealthy type, so she keeps herself abstained from these unhealthy food consumption.

Model Kate Upton workout in gym

The diet she follows is called blood type diet where the entire diet chart is planned according to her blood type.

Diet Plan

  • Kate consumes a diet comprised of proteins, salads, and oatmeal: she avoids red meat by all means.
  • She keeps special emphasis on regular supply of essential minerals through her diet plan.
  • Her favorite foods are ice cream, French fries, and cupcakes and she often tries these delicacies in small amount.
  • Kate avoids all types of alcoholic beverages, processed foods,  starchy carbs, dairy products, fatty foods, and sweets to control her calorie intake,
  • She consumes 3-4 liters of water per day so her skin remains soft and supple and her digestive system remain detoxified.

Kate Upton workout & diet plan

Workout Plan

Not only Kate’s diet planning, her meticulous workout planning helps her profusely in maintaining her awesome figure. Her workout plan is comprised of Cardio exercise for 10-15 minutes: this is her warming up session

  • She follows 15-20 min free hand stretching and then she practices this cardio and aerobics combo for 4-5 cycles in faster pace. In aerobics category she puts focus on bending postures,5-6 minutes of  bench pressing, 4-5 minutes of power dead lifting, and 5-7 minutes of leg curls for keeping her figure well-toned,
  • She practices bicep curls, a few strokes on shoulder press, as well as fast paced trice extensions for faster calorie burning,
  • Kate takes 25-30 second break between two cycles,
  • Kate loves swimming and she also loves practicing the dance Zumba; these recreational activities take care of her de stressing requirement.

Apart from these aerobics, Kate also practices Pilates, yoga, and kick boxing; these strenuous activities keep her calorie burned and help in maintaining excellent flexibility and endurance for her successful professional life. Her trainer has set her training product on a quick turnaround time. This quick turnaround time keeps her super busy, burn her extra calories, and help Kate in strengthening all her body parts and muscles in a total effect. Her workout planning and diet support are the real impetus behind her beauty and fitness.  

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