Keira Knightley Diet and Workout Plan

By | Apr 18, 2014

Keira Knightley looks awesome in her slender slim body. In fact this beautiful lady maintains an amazing lean body that makes her attractive, hot, but pure and innocent at the same time. Surprisingly, as said Keira’s mother, this talented actress is super carefree about her foods and workouts. Keira also has confessed that she loves to eat and leads a stress free happy life with family with/without some work out plans but strictly not to be rigorous.

However, despite her whims and fancies she looks awesome and hot in her slim figure. If you are genetically slim and wish to enjoy a slim beauty like Keira Knightley check the diet and work out plan she follows:

Keira Knightley diet plan

Beautiful Keira Knightley diet

  • Keira follows small meals diet plan. Instead of having three full meals, she takes 6 small meals round the day so that she remains full always and does not feel the hunger pang.
  • Being a keen foodie Keira has confessed that she eats whenever she feels hungry but she never eats full stomach.
  • She eats healthy foods as well as whatever she feels like eating but in a controlled quantity. Her indulgence to favorite foods keeps her satisfied and she feels happy with her diet plan.
  • She loves eating orange: this citrus fruit supplies her antioxidant, vitamins, and essential minerals that take care of her skin and digestive system.
  • Otherwise Keira follows low calorie and high protein diet.
  • She consumes lots of water; the habit not only helps her to detoxify her entire system, it keeps her hydrated, and takes care of her skin.
  • Keira keeps herself away from all sort of alcoholic beverages.

Keira Knightley work out plan

Cute Keira Knightley workout

Keira Knightley spends three days in a week with her exercise rtoutine. She takes a session of 1 hour 30 minutes each day including a series of pre-fixed exercises like

  • Stretching for maintaining excellent flexibility of her figure,
  • She practices swimming that helps her in maintaining her figure, takes care of sleep, and keeps her digestive system clean.
  • Keira practices weight lifting exercises under her trainer. This practice keeps her energy level up and increases overall endurance.
  • Keira practices facial exercise to keep her cheekbones in perfect shape for adding glamour to her slender beauty.
  • Keira loves to practice aerobics: she practices cycling, jogging, brisk walking almost at regular basis for keeping her calorie intake in control.
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