Laci Green

By | Jan 22, 2016

Laci Green is a beautiful young woman with brain and sense of responsibility. She is known for being a YouTube video blogger, activist and sex educator who has delivered lectures in various universities, camps and organizations. Laci Green, who is currently working with MTV, has always been outspoken about the subject of sex and she has encouraged openness about it. This 26-year old blogger was born in Utah but she currently stays in Los Angeles, California; however, she was raised by her parents in Oregon and California. She has two younger siblings. Laci Green graduated from the University of California, Berkeley and her works have earned her numerous awards and honors despite merely being in her mid-twenties.



Birthday Date :- October 18, 1989

Age in 2017 year :- 27

Shoe Size :- 6

Real Height :- 5.2 feet / 1.58 m

Real Weight :- 57 Kg / 125 lb

True Measurement :- 34-26-36

Original Bra Size :- 34D

Boyfriend :- Not yet

Origin :- American  

Little is known about the love life of this vibrant young lady and we cannot categorically say whether she is single or engaged. However, she has publicly described herself as being omnisexual, which is a term closely related to bisexuality. Categorically, omnisexuality is different form bisexuality in the sense that attraction to a partner is not based on sex or gender.

American video blogger Laci Green

American video blogger Laci Green


  • Laci was raised as a Mormon by her parents but she grew up to question the religion. Now she has declared herself as an atheist
  • Her YouTube channel has over one million subscribers, making it one of the biggest YouTube channels
  • She once received death threat due to a controversial comment she made on YouTube few years ago. She was forced to apologize and remove the comment.
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  1. Sean Douglas.

    I hate this stuck up ugly with an undying passion. I seriously hope she dies from terminal cancer soon. Personally I would love to bash her face in with a crowbar.


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