Leighton Meester Diet Chart and Workout Routine

By | Jun 7, 2014

Leighton Meester looks hot and cute. She is talented too. It is a bewildering question for most of her fans that in the midst of her tight and busy schedule show she can maintain her awesome figure and attractive look. Leighton Meester has no prohibition is disclosing her fitness secret as she has added that meticulous diet and tailor made workout plan is the simple remedy to keep her is perfect shape of body and mind.

Leighton Meester Diet plan

Leighton Meester pays great focus on her diet. She loves eating simple and discards processed and junk foods at the most.  She avoids caffeine based beverages also.

Beautiful Lighton Meester diet

i) She loves to include low calorie foods like brown rice, whole grain foods, and lots of boiled vegetables. She also takes plenty of raw fruits as well as eats salads and dry nuts.

ii) She drinks lots of water and unsweetened fruit juice. This extra water intake keeps her hydrated from inside and takes care of her soft skin tone.

iii) She mostly prefers low calorie foods so that she can keep a tight control on her calorie intake. Leighton Meester has a special nose for soy products. She loves eating tofu and soy milk made dairy products. However, she eats right foods in right quantity so that besides looking cute and slim she remains healthy with strong immunity power.

Leighton Meester Workout Plan

Leighton Meester loves cardio exercise because she enjoys these activities. Her cardio exercises include mostly swimming and brisk walking. However she often loves to practice rope jumping also. Popular actress and singer Lighton Meester workout i) She loves exploring new places; she always prefers roaming around with cycles while she visits a new place. Cycling is her feel good exercise and she considers it a perfect mood booster, besides its supportive attribute to be in shape.

ii) She does not believe in “going gym and doing exercise” concept. Rather she loves doing her workout and activities in different phases where she can enjoy her workout and at the same time she can have her desired effect of fat burning.

iii) Leighton Meester knows that all work and no rest can spoil her entire fitness regime. That is why she incorporates adequate rest in her daily routine. Not only so, she takes intermediate short rest while she runs workout session.

iv) This pretty womannever counts her exercise cycles; rather, she continues her exercise session till she is relaxed in doing so. Her balancing quality is the prime dynamics behind her good look and stunning figure.

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