Lily Mo Sheen

By | Mar 9, 2014

Lily Mo sheen the name the charming girl who had comes up from the Hollywood background. Her charm has the essence of snowy beauty that can attract others with the sweetest smile and graceful figure. She looks somewhat alike to her mother Kate Beckinsale who is bestowed with the gift of the god in terms of beauty. Home as Sweetest Place: The graceful lady was born in the family of Micheal sheen the famous actor and the elegant lady of Hollywood, Kate Beckinsale. She has spent the major part of her life in London since the time of the birth till her higher studies.

Lily Mo Sheen profile details

Lily Mo Sheen Body Statistics

Birthday Date :- January 31, 1999

Lily Mo Sheen Age in 2017 year :- 18

Mom name: Kate Beckinsale

Dad name: Michael Sheen

Shoe Size :-

Lily Mo Sheen Real Height :- 4.7 feet (approx)

Real Weight :- 44 Kg (approx)

Origin :-  British

Occupation  :- Student

Lily School

During the phase of her earlier life, she used to visited the school established for gifted child who were she was trained in every brighten dimension of her life.  And the name of this amazing school is also simply astonishing as it is so called as Forks High School. Later on she was admitted to the same University commonly known as “Forks University” to complete her higher education

Hobbies That Made Her Crazy

She during the leisure time wanted to go crazy for dancing and desired to play best roles in the theatre that rendered her peace of mind. She even liked to read book and especially went for romantic and thrilling novels and sometime even preferred for reading the magazine that are reflect the idea of happening in the glamour world. She enjoys playing polo with her mom in a pleasurable mood. She even after attending an age of 16 likes like to become childish while sharing the especial moment with her rabbit bob.

Career As A Boon To Her:

Lily Mo  always desire to become like her mom and finally now she is in the same direction. Amongst her box office movies like “Everybody’s Fine” and “Click” she was starring along with her mom, Kate. Whereas in the movie “underworld: Evolution” she played the role of the younger girl.

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