Mary Louise Parker Plastic Surgery

By | May 14, 2014

It’s miraculous what a little science can do in the 21st century, from phones that can talk back to us to people above the age of 50 looking like they are just out of college. And lately Mary Louise Parker looks are coughing up a storm among her fans as even at the age of 49 she can play a mature college student in movies. So what are her secrets and what makes her different from most of the other celebrities of today is it Botox or yoga or is it a mixture of both, let’s find out.

The actress who starred in hit tv show weeds has been in the grinds of a tough and occupied life, she has her adopted son and daughter to take care of which she seems so be doing a good job at. But the extra responsibility seems to be taking a toll on her and her body.

Mary Louise Parker before and after the plastic surgery

The Need for Change

In her younger days she has always been in the sight of the public and she liked to have a good time, but that time has passed and she has been trying to make a successful comeback for a while but with the lost charm it’s quite difficult.

The Ability to Change

On closer observation of her latest pics (as shown above) you may find some changes that are counter the effects of time and aging, her face seems to be un-naturally smooth and vibrant. At the age of 50 that looks a little farfetched and her breasts look bigger than they were just 5 years ago and that's smell like cosmetic surgery.  Well it’s obvious that all these changes are not a gift of good jeans because good jeans don’t kick in after you start looking old. But many feel like it’s the case of a good breast augmentation and some unconventional skin treatment, something like Botox.

Before Vs. After the Plastic Surgery

While Mary is undoubtedly a gorgeous woman she has no control on the effects time has on her skin, so sometimes changes are justified in the case to preserve a career. The changes to her skin might seem small but they make a big difference over a period if you look closely. Before her breasts were average sized but now they seem to be a largish 34C, there even seems to be a difference in her skin which she probably had a chemical peel to achieve. There is also the rumour that her current nose job is a result because the last one was botched. Whatever the procedure we are happy that she still looks this good but we could wish we could say the same for her acting.

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