Olivia Wilde Eiet and Workout Plan

By | Jun 2, 2014

Olivia Wilde looks stunning these days. Being asked on her awesome toned figure and high energy level this cute beauty has candidly confessed that her transformation from non-veg diet to vegan diet has made her looking more beautiful these days. What Olivia has suggested that by following portion controlled diet and a simple but regular workout plan can keep every woman in good shape. Want to listen to her diet and workout suggestion? Read here.

Olivia Wilde diet plan

Olivia Wilde Takes vegan food happily because she thinks that the supply of anti-oxidants and vitamins present in these foods keep her skin glowing and help her to say toxin free.

Beautiful actress Olivia Wilde diet

i) She is especially fond of small meals at regular 2-3 hours interval and that is why she takes 6-8 small meals. Her meals are mostly made of foods that are low calorie, full of fibers, and cooked with least oil and spices.

ii) She loves taking frozen fruits sometime; having mangoes and blueberries in frozen dip are her favorite dish. She enjoys these foods as her feel-good foods.

iii) Olivia loves taking low calorie dairy products like yogurt; however, instead of conventional milk she prefers coconut milk or soy milk made products because she feels better with these milksubstitutes. Olivia often includes salads in her meal plan because she considers salads a complete and tailor made food item where she can mix and match its ingredients.

iv) Olivia drinks lots of water which keeps her energized and perfectly in shape. However, she always consults her doctor once in 2-3 months so that she can plan her diet according to her health need.

Olivia Wilde workout plan

Olivia is not fastidious about her workout planning but she loves doing exercise to remain fit and in shape. In order to remain fit and fine her most preferred mode of exercise is yoga. She feels revitalized by the deep breathing process of yoga session. It helps her to build up extra strong stamina level too, according to her.

Multi talented celebrity Olivia Wilde workout

Olivia loves practicing cardio exercise too. She often practices jogging, brisk walking, swimming for keeping her muscles toned and conditioned. These strenuous exercises are the great natural ways for enhancing her energy level that helps her in performing well during her hectic shooting time schedule. Olivia loves life. Perhaps her love for life and zest for wellbeing has supported her diet and workout plans to extract the best performance out of her. This is her unique secret of remaining beautiful.

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