Ranveer Singh Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | Jun 11, 2014

Ranveer Singh looks indeed hot with his slim muscular body. He is one of those newcomers in Bollywood industry who are good looking as well as talented in terms of acting. This new sensational hero is known for his awesome fitness also. Not only fashion freaks, but also film critics are now talking about Ranveer and his astounding performance. Ranveer claims himself that well balanced life style is the secret of his unique balance in performance. Let’s check what makes Ranveer Singh an all-rounder in terms of look, well maintained body, and high energy level.

Ranveer Singh diet plan

Ranveer always remains on plain and simple diet and he never skips his food. He starts his day with a heavy breakfast. He claims that the supply of calorie and nutrition at the starting point of a day keeps him energized during all his activities.

Popular bollywood actor Ranveer Singh diet

  1. Although Ranveer maintains a meticulous diet plan sometimes he changes his course of diet as per the requirement of the filmy character he is portraying. However, regardless his calorie count, he never takes much of carbohydrate foods, but remains focused on consumption of healthy protein, natural fibers, and lots of fluids.
  2. Ranveer eats all types of fruits but he prefers fruits with low GI. Reliable source says that Ranveer loves dry fruits, nuts but somehow he does not love eating watermelon.
  3. He prefers homemade foods but mostly discards oily and spicy foods.

Ranveer Singh workout plan

Ranveer is known in his professional cycle as a fitness freak and he loves going to gym. He has no specific workout routine; however, he practices freehand exercises and aerobics to burn lots of calorie in a faster way.

Supar hero RanveerSing workout

  1. He practices cardio exercises like brisk walking, running, and fast swimming and that keeps him always fit and fine.
  2. He practices stretching, push-ups regularly at Gym however the duration for these exercises do vary depending on his time schedule as well as on his willingness too.
  3. Ranveer works extensively in gym under his personal trainer’s supervision; his diet chart is maintained by his trainer.
  4. Besides beautiful body Ranveer gives stress on developing a beautiful mind also. As per his sayings, a beautiful body helps an individual to think big and to plan for reaching his goal  in a healthy way.
  5. Ranveer takes adequate rest because he loves to keep his muscles, ligaments, as well as brain under care so that he can perform always at his best.
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