Ray Stevenson

By | May 20, 2014

Ray Stevenson is the reputed Hollywood actor who made everyone surprised with his ultimate performance that he had been rendering till date. He even made other astonish at his forward speaking that made him as a one of the actor who is leading as a political activist too. Check out the latest wiki of Ray Stevenson from his personal life, family to career details.

British actor Ray Stevenson profile details

Ray Stevenson Body Dtatistics 

Birthday Date :- May 25, 1964

Ray Stevenson Age in 2017 year :- 53

Shoe Size :- 11

Ray Stevenson Real Height :- 1.93 m or 6 feet 4 inch tall

Real Weight :- 84 Kg  / 185 lb tall

Wife name :- Actor Ray Stevenson first was Elisabetta Caraccia  whereas currently he is married with Ruth Gemmell

Origin :- British


In his early day, he was known as the kid of born with the name George Raymond Stevenson in the land of Northern Ireland of country antrium fantastic location known as Lisburn. He was brought up in a good family where his father and mother both where educated. His father served to air force as a pilot and was a house maker belonging from Ireland. In the later phase of his early life, he had to migrated with his family to England and then to Northumberland. He gained the knowledge of acting from the great British school of acting and drama called as Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and finally came out from here at the age of 29.

Career That Was Boon to Him:

He made his debut in the acting career as a theatre actor where he by remaining in the comfort zone rendered his best performance. Then he widened his dimension and made milestone entry in the driven world of celebrity as a Hollywood actor in the films as well as in the TV. His fantastic contributions to the world of film making are King Arthur, Rome, and Thor: The Dark World and many more.

What about His Life Partner?

Ray Stevenson With Ruth Gemmell

Before making his entry in Hollywood he had tied his knot with the London beauty who is remembered as a sizzling beauty in Hollywood popular as Ruth Gemmell but the after a long time broke out the relationship. Later, Steven got engaged to Elisabetta Caraccia who is a renowned Italian anthropologist. Currently, they have two smart sons from there great bonding.

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