Renee Zellweger new look after Plastic Surgery

By | May 15, 2014

Renee Zellweger is one of those super famous celebrities is known and remembered for all the wrong reasons, let it be affairs or confrontations with paparazzi or even the complete denial of obvious plastic surgery. She is an actress and voice artist who has immense talent and has won many awards at the most prestigious events film has to offer like the Golden Globes and even the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

But her recent appearance at the 2013 academy awards left all her fans in stitches, she has not only lost her youthful charm but also that sexy pout and squint that she is so recognized for. Her face looks like it’s recently injected with a lot of Botox to make her skin look plumper but the look has surely backfired.

Renee Zellweger before and after surgery

The discontent of fans

Here were days when Renee would look effortlessly beautiful irrespective of her age. But there have been odd accusations of her opting for Plastic surgery to maintain her looks in the past but now with this new look its useless even trying to deny. This left some fans heartbroken as Renee Zellweger spoke a lot about preserving natural beauty. It’s one thing when a star has plastic surgery to fix a flaw but with a complete alteration to their appearance is the outcome we wonder if it was at all necessary.

Before Vs. After the Plastic Surgery

Many people feel like her new look is good and it suites her, but really is it so? We don’t really feel like that’s true because now according to us she just looks like your average neighbourhood mom. And before with her eyes and pouty expression she was the ideal girl next door you know you can never get but now the only expression that comes to your mind is a mild meh! Though the rumors of a nose job is unclear at the moment it doesn’t take away from the fact that her whole face looks different. Some also feel like her eyebrows looks raised but we can’t really see beyond it anymore because of how dis similar she looks from her old Jerry Maguire days.

The body talks                                                                       

Renee may not look like herself in the facial department but that does not mean she has lost it in the body, her breasts are firm and look great and her silhouette in a black dress is just divine, it really looks like she was carved in marble.

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