Saif Ali Khan Diet and Workout Plan

By | May 20, 2014

Saif Ali Khan was primarily known for his exceptional acting talent and his good look. However, with change and progress of time Saif has become matured not only in his character role play but also in transforming his chocolate hero profile into a macho angry man image. While asked on his awesome transformation, Saif has confessed that his meticulous diet plan and sincere workout has done this miracle. You can also check his wife i.e. Kareena Kapoor fitness secret here. Let’s check his work out and diet plan from a close view.

Saif Ali Khan diet plan

Saif Ali khan was non-vegetarian initially but recently he has changed his diet plan into strict vegan diet. He takes a great combo of carb foods, proteins, and some quality of fat.

Saif Ali Khan diet

i) Saif is double conscious about his BMR and that is why he is super conscious about his meal plans. He neither skips breakfast nor takes dinner lately; he takes 6-7 small meals during a day. This diet plan keeps his hunger pang away and keeps him energized for his entire strenuous work schedule.

ii) In vegan diet Saif puts maximum stress on taking fresh vegetable, fruits, wholegrain foods, and natural fiber enriched foods. This diet plan keeps his digestive track free from toxins and Saif can enjoy best stamina level.

iii) Saif does not love taking tea or coffee much. Instead he takes lots of fruit juice and plain water around the day for staying fit and well hydrated.

iv) Saif loves to stay in shape that is required for his stardom; however, he prefers to be in the best shape of mind as well. Along with his diet plan, his workout session is another support for his complete wellbeing.

Saif Ali Khan workout plan

Saif practices under his personal coach and the coach plans his workout as per his filmy role’s requirement. In general, Saif practices cardio exercise, brisk walking, jogging, and power lifting for increasing his endurance and stamina level.

Saif Ali Khan in Gym with his trainer

i) Saif regularly practices free hand exercises which includes different types of stretching exercises because these exercise routine helps Saif in maintaining the required flexibility of his body that often helps in managing the filmy stunts.

ii) Saif loves different types of games and he is fond of practicing these games too. Out of these games boxing, kick boxing, skipping, punching, etc. are his favorite games, and he utilizes the benefits of practicing of these games of an on by incorporating them in his workout planning.

iii) Saif Ali Khan takes adequate rest every day and that keeps him stress and tension free.

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