Scarlett Johansson Diet and Workout Plan

By | Jul 26, 2014

Scarlett Johansson is known worldwide for her glamour, beauty, and slender figure that snatched her power packed role of super girl in the film Avenger. The attraction of this lady lies not only in her lovely face but also in her attractive fatless figure. You can also check the movies list of Scarlett Johansson here in detail. Scarlett runs her diet program and workout session with her personal mentor cum coach Bobby Strom. According to her trainer, Scarlett is neither fastidious about her diet nor she is fitness freak. She has an excellent sense of balance and she combines tenacity, planning, and health consciousness together for planning her diet chart as well as exercise regimen.

Scarlett Johansson diet

Beautiful Scarlett Johansson diet

  1. Sensibility is the buzz word of Scarlett’s diet plan. She prefers to have 6-7 small portion meals around the day. These small meals keeps her hunger pang away, takes care of her BMR and helps her to remain her stamina level up.
  2. Scarlett loves healthy cooking ingredients like she prefers olive oil above all other variety of oil in her food preparation.
  3. Fresh fruits are included in her diet in a compulsory way as the natural fibers of fruits keep her digestive system clean and reduce her calorie intake. She loves citrus fruits because of their tangy taste as well as for loads of antioxidants in them.
  4. Scarlett prefers protein based diet because she wants to retain the slenderness of her figure. She often includes fish recipe and lean meat preparation; however, she prefers foods with little spice and mostly on boiled or baked.
  5. This brainy beauty loves to eat cheese, but she indulges her sweet teeth with strict portion control. She confesses that cheese works as feel good food for her.

Scarlett Johansson workout plan

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Scarlett Johansson keeps a consistent focus on her objective while doing her workout session that she loves to be fit and fine in excellent shape of her body. She mix and matches different activities for achieving her goal of remaining super fit and in super shape. For example,

  1. She practices aerobics and cardio exercises to pamper her flexibility of body. She practices this aerobics and cardio round of exercise with super-fast pace.
  2. Practicing mixed martial art is one of the specialties of Scarlett’s workout planning. This workout session helps in remaining super active with best reflex and high up energy level.
  3. She does lots of exercise to keep her thighs and legs in best shape. Pushups, stretching, and bending are some of the types of exercise she puts maximum stress on for attaining her super fit beautiful stature.
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