Sonu Sood Workout and Diet Chart

By | May 16, 2014

Sonu Sood is a popular film actor. He is famous for not only his acting skills but also for well-built body that everyone would like to have. Sonu has done a few films but already he has created a sensation in film industry as a serious and sincere actor who takes care of his career as well as his physical fitness with same importance. Needless to mention that output of his sincere care has yielded excellent result and that is why people are keen to know his diet plan and exercise routine secret.

SonuSoods’s Diet Chart

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood healthy diet

  1. Sonu loves maintaining a simple but healthy lifestyle. Therefore his diet plan is extremely simple. He maintains mostly a vegan diet; however, he includes eggs in his diet regularly because he believes the protein part of egg offers excellent nourishment for his chiseled muscles.
  2. Sonu never skips his breakfast and it is rumored that he eats a jumbo sized omelet made with 8-10 eggs at one go in his king size breakfast.
  3. His lunch is done on homemade, simple Indian foods cooked with least oil and very minor amount of spices.
  4. He takes fruits and whole grain foods in his snacks and his dinner is mostly made with Indian foods but of low calorie genre.
  5. He drinks lots of water in the form of plain water and also in the form of fruit juice.
  6. He often takes a special brand of protein shakes, especially during and after completion of his intense work out program to keep his BMR rate consistent.
  7. Sonu loves junk foods but he strictly avoids them. He is a Teetotaler and he never smokes.

Sonu Soods’s Workout plan

Actor Sonu Sood workout photo

Well known in the industry and also in friends’ circle as a fitness enthusiast Sonu’s workout plan is simple but strenuous and rigorous for any new comer. He never skips his scheduled workout at gym and often tries with new sets of workout to remain at the peak of his fitness and body shape.

i) Sonu practices cardio-exercises because it helps him to burn his calories faster. In cardio-exercise category, Sonu keeps on practicing jogging, swimming, brisk walking, and aerobics at regular basis.

ii) Sood tries his best to live a stress less life and he takes adequate rest in order to remain fit and fine.

iii) Sonu is a die-hard fan of kick boxing and in his real life he often practices this game as a part of his workout plan. He has confessed that the high intensity game keeps him energized.

iv) Sonu Sood confirmed in an interview that he never miss his Gym class. He do bench press regular to maintain chest in good shape.

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