Stone Cold Steve Austin Net Worth

By | Jan 31, 2014

The man who became famous in the Hollywood with his performance in the movie “The Expendable” but was before known to be a former professional wrestler is Stone Gold Steve Austin. Before his entry in the wrestling ring, he was called as Steven James Anderson. He is the known the title of world champion for at least 6 times and has even won the winner belt for three different match related to Royal Rumble. But, with the entry of 2000, he expressed his interest toward Hollywood and made his debut in few of the movie as well as in the small screen series too.

WWE wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin Net Worth

What's the Net Worth of Steve Austin in 2017?

$ 45 million   / Rs  270  Crore 

Source of Income:  Wrestling

Age:   Steve Austin is now 52 year old

Height:  6.2  feet /  1.88  meter tall

Status:   Steve Austin's personal life has been up and down and married not once or twice but 4 times. Latest wife name is Kristin Austin.

Home Town:   Texas

List of Property Stone Gold Steve Austin own:   House, Car, Motorbike, Farm House

Steve’s Gross Income

Since the beginning of 2000’s, Steve showed his interest in appearance as leading role in a number of movies and television roles. He was recently seen in “The Expendables”. And, presently he is even a producer to gain maximum profit percentage from his upcoming movies. All this activities of Steve has contributed to gross paid amount of $45 Million.

Steve Cold Real Estate Property:

Just like Under Taker, he Steve Austin also owns a private and extravagant mansion in the most fantastic location of San Antonia of Texas. This mansion has been constructed in a massive way with a set of 4 large bedrooms and 4 attached as well as one separate baths that is quite different from the ordinary bathroom. The house has a completely equipped kitchen integrated with top notched appliances. The kitchen appears to be eye catching with the wine cooler made of glass. The house has been wooden flooring to made it more appealing to other and provide a decent look to the room comprising of the theatre system. From one side of the house, you are sure to enjoy the pleasure of natural beauty as from the windows one can get pleasure from the view of exploring and silent ocean. The pool that had no end appears to be pleasure offering as the time of spa. Moreover, the large and massive car garage adds a new look to the mansion and is built in 3 different location of the mansion.

Estate Purchase of Steve

This purchase of Steve is considered to be the most overgenerous purchase. This land is approximately measuring 2000 acres in Marina Del Rey a perfect farming location of California. This destination is awesome zone for deer hunting and the stream that passes by serves as a great spot for fishing.

Austin’s Cars That Makes Other Crazy

Wrestler prefer fascinating vehicle to make a mild entry in the ring to attempt for remarkable revenge with this thought Stone Cold Steve Austin tries to make his mild entry on his monster truck or Zamboni that simply appeal fantastic to the viewer. He appeared with is themed monster truck in the ring of RAW when he had to fight against “The Rock”. During the attack he also like to drive in on Zamboni that provide it a look of stunt. The beer truck also serves as a blast for the people watch the match that would be held in the ring.

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