Varun Dhawan Workout Routine and Diet Chart

By | May 10, 2014

Varun Dhawan is an actor in Bollywood industry who is already tagged by film directors as a potential and talented newbie having fire in belly for touching the summit of success.  Varun looks cool and attractive with his resilient body and awesome flexibility, which, as say fitness experts, can be achieved best by meticulous diet and strenuous workout planning. Varun follows a dynamic diet and workout planning for keeping his stamina up and maintaining his figure at its best shape.

People call him fitness freak but Varun knows that healthy diet and exercise routine is the best natural way to face stress, tension, and hectic work schedule almost at regular basis, which is an essential requirement for his budding career. Check here how he blends diet and workout as balancing with each other. Varun Dhawan’s diet chart

Actor Varun Dhawans secret diet - taking breakfast

  1. Varun is not fastidious about his diet plan but he keeps a sensible control on healthy intakes. For obvious reason, he is quite health conscious and remains away from junk and processed food items as much as he can.
  2. As a sensible dieter, Varun is double conscious about inclusion of low GI foods in his diet and he discards high GI based foods, regardless he loves any of these high GI foods.
  3. This new star has a soft nose for simple but tasty foods, which not only take care of his taste buds, but also act helpful for keeping his body super flexible and well-toned.
  4. Varun takes most delight in eating homemade foods and he loves eating mostly Indian foods with less oil and pinch of spices.
  5. Genetically Varun has a history of chronic diabetes in his family; hence he practices strict restriction about eating sugary items, potato based foods, salty and fried foods, etc.

Varun Dhawan’s workout plan

Varun Dhawan doing exercise in his gym

  1. Varun loves exercising and he hardly misses his gym session. However he does not like doing exercise in a prefixed monotonous cycle.
  2. Instead he loves mixing and matching different activities; sometime he practices swimming and dancing, and some time he combines cardio exercises with power lifting in his work out session.
  3. Recently Varun has started practicing martial art as he is getting groomed for doing all his filmy stunts with better level of accuracy: however he practices martial art under the monitoring of an expert trainer.

Varun is more innovative than meticulous in his workout planning. He prefers combining different activities for getting a round result.  He aims more at making his body fit and flexible rather than forming simply muscles.

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