Who is the boyfriend of Shawn Johnson

By | Jun 10, 2014

Shawn Machel Johnson known as the dynamic television personality as well as a world renowned former gymnast who had made her country feels proud of her. She is the one who won the gold medalist in the Olympic games. Beside her talent, she is also known for her extreme charm and full-on smart attitude that can simple rob the heart of the man with her single look.

Shawn Thoughts About Love:

She is a lovely girl with a rocking personality that has all the measures to attract anyone toward her. But, Shawn Johnson always considered herself to lonely if she would not receive love and affection from her family and friends that would later on offer her the best bonding between one another. And, after attaining her teen age she really desired for a smart guy to enter her life and offer her every happiness in her life that she would have imagine for.

Beautiful Shawn Johnson with her boyfriend

Whom Is Ms. Shawn Dating Currently?

Currently, she keeps herself busy competing in the series “dancing with the star” as she is even empowered with the dancing skill that has made her come closer to her loves. Shawn had been falling in love several times and each time t has resulted to dismay due to mismatch. First she had fallen for the handsome and sexier dude’s celebrity. Let known with whom she is currently dating is it Ryan Edwards or Andrew East? Ryan Edward is the famous blonde footballer and they both carries out the same passion for sports. They both came in touch in the college day in the gym. It was even gossiped that during the series dancing with the star she dated her mentor, Mark Ballas but had to get back by 2009 to her training place. But still, Shawn and Ryan were in connection. Later on, she was visible on the Great Sports Legends Benefit Dinner with the handsome and stunning engineering student named Andrew East who is the son of footballer, Marsha East. But still it’s a hidden story about the break up between Shawn and Ryan.

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