Who is the Girlfriend of Daniel Radcliffe

By | Apr 8, 2014

Actor Daniel Radcliffe is the name of the guy who has conquered a position in the “Hollywood Walk of Fame” with the movie harry potter.  You will amazed to know Daniel Radcliffe net worth which is available here. But what to say about his love life as he admits that he is crazy for girls who are older to his age.

Good looking actor Daniel Radcliffe

What a Huge List of Girlfriends?

As per the tracking report, we get to know that all of his girlfriends are older to him but even fall for him because of his humour and charm. He can be even considered as a playboy because frequently he meets break up too. His list includes the beauties of Hollywood like Laura O'Toole, Alana Dawes, Olive Uniacke, Rosanne Coker and Erin Darke. This passed love life was really unsuccessful but the break up with Erin Darke lasted to be the most embarrassing amongst all the break ups.

Currently Daniel heart has fallen for?

Presently, he admitted he generally prefers older woman for dating and has even hinted the media that his currently dating a cougar. He admitted even that he had lost his virginity at 5 years ago. But, he denied speaking up that with whom he is entangled presently. The 24 years guy leaves behind the secret to get revealed by Andy Cohen to overcome the young actor.

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