With Whom Lenora Crichlow is Currently Dating

By | Apr 8, 2014

Lenora Crichlow is the famous girl who is known for her dedication toward her work in the movie “Fast Five”. She is commonly known as Lea and was born and brought up in the London. She is basically a great salsa dancer and to the family of Frank Crichlow who earned the title of “Godfather of Black Radicalism” as he was great support to follow the civil rights in a better direction.

Actress Lenora Crichlow dating news

What about her Love interest?

Her love status is simply complicated due to incompatibility or mismatch. She met her love during the shooting of the drama “Being Human”. Till the year 2012 it was just considered to be rumour but later this relationship spread like viral when they were found hanging about together here and there. She was dating the co-star of being human i.e. is Aidan Turner. He is the handsome dude of Hollywood. They both were seen swinging with the waves of love and affection.

Who is Lenora Crichlow present boyfriend?

They enjoyed their relationship at fullest but howsoever the bonding ended up in a quite different note that no one would have ever imagined n their life. And presently, she is missing him a lot in her life but now her heart is similar to a desert as she has never able to overcome the situation.  

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