Yvonne Catterfeld

By | Apr 15, 2014

Actress Yvonne Catterfeld is the name of the famous German actress who is still recognized as Julia Blum. This is name of the role that she played in one of the German TV serial which is known as  “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten”. Besides being an actress, she is also a versatile singer who is known worldwide for singles.

Yvonne Catterfeld Profile Details

Yvonne Catterfeld Body Statistics

Birthday Date :- December 02, 1979

Age in 2017 year :- 36

Shoe Size :- 07

Yvonne Catterfeld Real Height :- 5 feet 5 inch

Real Weight :- 54 Kg / 119 lb

True Measurements :- 34-27-34

Original Bra Size :-  34C

Origin :- German

Biography of Yvonne Catterfeld

  • Native of - Yvonne is basically a native of East Germany small town of Erfurt a part of Thuringia that is presently declared as a republic zone of Germany. She was boasted up with every luxury and comfort that would help her to fetch a positive attitude toward life.
  • Training expertise - She started learning the musical skill for piano and flute at a very young age of 15 years. And side by side she was also engaged in dancing and singing lesson. Just after her completion of studies, she was indulged in specialising herself in pop and jazz lesson for uttermost 2 year that she was learning from Felix Mendelssohn College of Music and theatre established in the aristocratic location, Leipzig.

Career At Its Own Speed To Reach Stardom:

By 1988 she was ready to launch her own single named as KIV. During her studies, she was fond to participate in the music contest named as Stimme 2000 where she came across Thomas Stein who is the CEO of BMG. He offered her key to success with her first contract for Hansa Music. She realised her one of the fantabulous album in the “Bum” in 2001 that rendered her popularity. Next year she was offered the opportunity to play the role in Julia BUM that made her famous and ended up in 2005. In 2005, she even released her first duet in English that is till date considered as a perfect melody, "Where Does The Love Go". She even had to face difficulties, in one of the project that failed due to insufficient fund, she has received this role because as per director her face resembled the late actress, Romy Schneider.

Who is the boyfriend of Yvonne Catterfeld?

When she became popular, she started her dating her first crush “Wayne Carpendale” who is the German actor but this concluded in bad note as she started entertaining another German actor “Oliver Wnuk” since 2007. Yes! This is the year of her break up with Wayne.

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